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5 Ethical Behaviors That Will Grow Your Salon Business

5 Ethical Behaviors That Will Grow Your Salon Business

As many of my fellow stylists are heading to the salon for the rest of this week. We’re going into the heaviest salon days of the week which, is usually Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday!  It really is based upon how you schedule your appointments and your schedule for the day. But, for most Stylist and salons across the U.S., the weekend is the time when your money really jumps off.

My name is Shanae Starnes and I am a Business Growth Coach as well as a Cosmetology Educator and I am sharing with you some information that I have shared with my students today. We were talking about ethical behavior and what I’ve found is that a lot of my students didn’t understand what the word ethics meant. And so, that really set the precedent as to what I was going to talk about today. So, ethical behavior is a set of principles that you live and you work by.

And while you’re in the salon they are those same principles that guide your conduct with your clients as well as the people that you work around. The reason I wanted to touch on this is because when a new student graduates from cosmetology school they are taught what is necessary for them to pass the state board exam which, of course is sanitation, disinfection, client protection and the required performances (which vary from state to state).  But, what happens is once that student gets out into the real world, into a salon it appears those same things that they learned in school changes or the stylist that are out in the field are not really keeping up with what new Cosmetologist or Stylist learned when they were in school for 1500 hours (North Carolina requirements).

We’re having a conversation, right?  Good, therefore I’m sharing this is because, I want to ensure that there’s a connection between the new school stylist that comes out of school and those that go into the salon to look for work because it’s the difference between what they learn in school and where and what their experience is once they leave their school.

So, let’s get back to ethical behavior!  When I discovered that the students didn’t understand ethics which is cool, they’re in the 11th grade this means that not only am I teaching the cosmetology program but, I’m also teaching literacy.  I began to break down our lesson so, that they can understand.

Here are the five practices and ethical behaviors that will be necessary as a professional in a salon.

  1. Be able to provide a skilled and competent service. I explained to them that competent just means that they have the willingness and understanding about what they are doing. Not only are they able to do the work but, they’re competent with their conversation which is based off the knowledge that they have.
  2. Be honest, courteous and sincere a paying client wants an honest stylist and they want a sincere stylist. They don’t want a stylist that is just there for the money. We understand from being in the industry that the money will come if, you put in these five ethical behaviors.  The money will come, the money will stack up when you are using your gift. The good Lord will make room for you. Your gift will make room for you. I know this to be true. So, if we go back to the guiding principles that surround our ethical behavior the money will come. But, start by being honest sincere and courteous to your clients and to yourself.
  3. Keep the client feel your confidence. A lot of times clients will not come back to you because they feel like you are not confident about what they’re doing or you don’t seem confident in what you know.  To confront your lack of confidence seek becoming a lifelong learner and allows attend continuing education classes.  As a true professional you need to exceed the required continuing education hours that your state may set.  Lastly, you need to make sure that your client has a level of confidence in you and your ability, this also helps to increase your bottom when they refer new clients and continues your bottom line when the client returns to you.  Your potential to earn money is limitless!
  4. Participate in continuing education. This is the key to longevity in your business. An educated hairstylist is a paid hairstylist because we know that knowledge is power. And to make more money you must increase your knowledge about a subject matter or you must increase your skill set. Either way it may take money for you to get that information and that knowledge but, paying it is your investment in yourself.
  5. Provide your client with accurate information about treatments and products. As a stylist, you’re not just doing hair.  You should be providing a holistic environment of value.  You must become educated on the products that you use or the treatments that you offer because that is the only way that you can bring worth to your craft.

Remember to provide a skilled and competent service, be honest, courteous and sincere, keep your client information private and build their trust in you as you build your confidence, participate in continue their education and get educated and informed about the treatments and products you use as well as new products to serve your clients and build a growing and profitable business. These are ethical behaviors that will ensure to increase your financial bottom line.



Thick Hair Thin Waist

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Help! My Hair is Falling Out!!

Your hair is an expression of you!  Sometimes I would find myself telling my clients that hair can create emotions.  Have you ever experienced a bad hair day?  Can you recall the emotions surrounding that day?  Hair leaves us with a feeling and this feeling many times dictates our mood, our day and even our interactions with people.  Have you ever heard “Aw, I’m not going out tonight, because my hair is not done?” or “I’m not feeling well” which can translate into many factors.  Some of those factors relate to hair loss and people are perceived with hair loss issues.  You feel less attractive, less assertive and less successful.  We will cover some of the causes of hair loss.  

Hair is renewable is the follicle is not damaged or scarred.  It is the ONLY body structure that can regenerate itself which why we experience the hair growth cycle.

You first have to understand that the hair goes through 3 growth phases which is the anagen or growth stage, the catagen which is the transition stage and the telogen or also known as the resting stage.


During the growth stage, new cells are developing. The average growth healthy scalp hair is 1/2 per month.  About 90% of hair is growing in this stage at one time.  The growing period lasts between 2 to 7 years.    This duration is affected by gender, age, heredity, nutrition and health.  The catagen phase ends the growth stage and lasts 1-2 weeks and less than 1% is in this stage at one time.  The last phase is the telogen phase, about 10% of hair is in this phase at one time.  After this stage the hair growth cycle begins again.

During the growth cycle we can lose an average of 50-100 hairs per day during the telogen phase.  When your hair begins to thin, shed, break off, fall out or when male-pattern baldness is apparent.  The body is sending a signal!  Causes of hair loss include:

  • Aging
  • Hereditary (Male or Female pattern baldness)
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Lack or poor nutrition 
  • Infection due to improper sterilization
  • Hormonal changes
  • Emotional stress
  • Medications
  • Surgery
  • Excessive heat 
  • Endocrine disorders 
  • Viral diseases, cancers, lupus
  • Excessive pulling or tightness
  • Autoimmune disease

If hair loss is due to a medical reason, once the condition can be arrested, hair usually returns once the body heals.  

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