*Join Me & Stand Up for Thick Hair Thin Waists*

PLEASE WATCH Text “ready to grow” to 980-307-9900 or send a message to get started!

If you haven’t made the decision to join this amazing hair care and wellness business you are definitely missing out on something great. The products work, the system works and the leadership is phenomenal. Join the F.L.O.W. Family today for just 9.99!!!

FREE Prettea Healthy Hair Tea   or FREE Waistless Detox Tea   to the next 30 people to join.

#Earnmoney as you #siptolose your waist or #siptogrow your hair out. Great add-on for stylists/barbers/braiders/weavers (sellers or installers)/locologists for your clients!


watch video

Hair growth teas *Hair growth lemonade *Hair growth shake *Scalp treatments *Beard growth *Premature graying *Waist loss
*Body trimming cream *Butt enhancement cream *Hair bundles And more to come..


Prettea: This hair growth tea is formulated to facilitate healthy, stronger hair – from the inside out. The synergy of ingredients will help relax the spirit while delivering the nutrients to the body that it needs for longer, stronger and healthier hair. Each ingredient was chosen for its unique healthy hair properties. Taken in conjunction with one of our many other amazing products, you will likely see even more beneficial and amazing results! Now… sit back, relax and enjoy being PRETTEA.


Waistless The Ultimate Detox System
The Healthy Wellness Journey Starts From Within. Our advance colon tea cleanse may aid in ridding the body of toxins for improved energy, clarity, and weight loss by using a powerful blend of selected herbs, antioxidants, digestive fiber and anti-inflammatory ingredients. We understand that an essential step of a weight management program is a healthy jumpstart towards your goal. Seep 1 tea bag for 15mins, drink nightly for up to 15 days.
Waistless…The Only Thing You’ll Gain Is Confidence!

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