Hey I’m Shanae

Shanae Starnes is an Author, Business Growth Coach, Entrepreneur, Mother, and Cosmetology Career and Technical educator living her dreams. A native of Morristown, New Jersey.  Shanae is a self-starter, who has taken every opportunity to strengthen her background. Her current career as a Business Growth Coach and Cosmetology Educator allows her to incorporate her knowledge, skills and life experiences. Her peers and colleagues describe her as a compassionate leader who is committed to others.

In her book, Keeping Score  Shanae shows and encourages others how to better handle their credit which in turn helps people improve their finances.  Manifesting one’s financial literacy has been her focus now since 2013 when she began her tax preparation business Ideal Tax and Bookkeeping Inc.  Her company also assist with creating budgets, credit education/restoration, and financial literacy.

With over twenty years of knowledge and training in cosmetology, public speaking, a strong background in customer relations, and a genuine desire to help others love themselves; Shanae Starnes is truly an example of what it means to live your dreams.  For more information email starnesshanae@gmail.com.



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